Durafit Dumbbell (50 Pounds)


♦     A combination of all gym equipment’s for the perfect workout.

♦     50 Pounds of PVC Coated Weight Plates (3 Kg x 4 = 12 Kg Plus 2.5 Kg x 2 = 5 Kg Plus 2 Kg x 4 = 8 Kg).

♦     2 No x 14-inch dumbbell rods with Iron bolts.                                                            

♦     Installation and demo not required.

Price : ₹ 7,899

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In stock on August 20, 2020


Product Dimension

The Length of the Dumbbell is 42 cm and height is 15 cm.

Weight Plate

The weight plate contains 14cm length and 15cm height. Dumbbells are a great way to work out and tone your upper body.

Premium Quality Handle

High-quality metal handle provides a comfortable & secure grip for high reps, makes chalk unnecessary for both men & women.

Product Stand Dimension

The Length of the Dumbbell stand is 40 cm and the Width is 20 cm.

Dumbbell Holding Rod

The dumbbell rods measure 42 cm. The rods come with adjustable nuts to keep the weights from falling off.

Comfortable Grip

The dumbbell hand grip measure 8.5 cm. The wide range of weights is ideal for anyone wanting to improve fitness.




50 Pounds


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